Mutton recipes for Eid al Adha ( Bakra Eid )

Mutton recipes for Eid al Adha ( Bakra Eid )

Mutton recipes for Bakra Eid

Finding Mutton recipes for Eid is a big task. Bakra Eid / Eid ul adha is yet another auspicious festival of Muslims ( follower of Islam) other than RAMADAN EID. Here on this occasion every one performs namaz of Eid ul Adha . After namaz all the men, sacrifice goat or lamb as per their custom. Where as women at home cook this sacrificed meat at home for breakfast and meals. Rest meat is distributed among family, friends, relatives and most importantly among poor people.

I have fond memories of my childhood where we kids use to perform namaz and then when dad and uncle’s use to come home after sacrifice. Our ladies used to make delicious mutton recipes for us. For breakfast mom and aunties use to prepare kidney, liver as a semi dry dish along with bheja masala. Where as for the lunch mutton biryani and mutton korma was prepared with the same meat and served with naans and salads.

Well now a days it has become so difficult to think what to prepare on Eid day and after that too, so here is a list of few best Mutton recipes from Zulekhaskitchen to help couple of you.

Mutton recipes

1. Daal Gosht

Daal Gosht is one of the most favorite Indian recipe loved by all. In fact this is a dish which is made in every Muslim household. Like many of muslims prefer making Daal gosht on Friday’s followed by some Desserts such as Kheer. As Friday is considered the most auspicious day from the rest of the days, after Jumma Namaz full family gathers for lunch and have together.

Click here for Daal Gosht recipe

2. Mutton Nihari

Nali Nihari is a stew consisting of slow cooked beef along with bone marrow, the whole basic idea is to slow cook in pot itself , as the marrow leaves the bones and get emerged in the gravy. Which in turn give a perfect, aromatic and mesmerizing flavor to Nihari. This is one among best mutton recipes. 

Click here for Mutton Nihari recipe

3. Shahi Mutton Korma

As being a born non vegetarian , I am so use to having and preparing mutton and chicken dishes with lots of variation and this is one of them. Shahi mutton korma is cooked in spices on low flame to get that much needed aromatic flavor, cream adds a smooth a creamy texture which gives it a royal touch.

Click here for Shahi Mutton

4. Paya Curry/ Soup

Paya curry / soup is one of the most highest rated recipe among mutton recipes. But it takes a lot of pain according to some to clean it as the left out dirt or hair sticks to the skin of paya or previously not properly cleaned by the butcher. I agree it takes time to clean but I am so use to it that I hardly feel that it consumes time, and though even if it does its simply worth it.

Click here for Mutton Paya recipe

5. Gosht aknee pulao

Gosht aknee pulao is an authentic recipe, served with sweet and sour onion raita  which I have been making it since the time I recollect my memories. I always think that anything prepared with mutton is simply irresistible.

Click here for Mutton Pulao recipe

6. Classic Mutton Kabab Seekh Wraps

Classic Mutton Kabab Seekh Wraps are really easy and its taste is simply astonishing , I have named these wraps , classic mutton seekh wraps because I have used wheat flour dough for parathas instead of all purpose flour wraps, in fact as far as I remember the classic ones till date you will get Mutton seekh kabbabs with wheat flour parathas.

Click here for Mutton Seekh Kabab wraps recipe

7. Bhaji Gosht

Bhaji Gosht is prepared with Indian spices but here the centre of attraction is leafy vegetables that are added , not one or two but three , yes I added three leafy vegetables to the prepared mutton to give that extra oomph to the mutton.
Well it is said that one must add leafy vegetables to their daily meals, to extract all the nutrients that are present in vegetables, in fact doctors also advice to consume leafy vegetables to have a happy, healthy and long life.

Click here for Bhaaji Gosht Mutton recipe

8. Mutton seekh kebabs

Mutton Seekh Kebabs are juicy , delicious made with any mince meat you like , but again seekhs are best when made with beef mince meat. Mutton mince mixed with onions and spices to form this lip smacking mutton seekh kebabs, are served with mint and coriander chutney and raw sliced onions

Click here for Mutton Seekh Kababs recipe

9. Kache keeme ke kebabs

Kache keeme ke kebabs are basically mutton minced and mixed together with  few spices and is deep fried .Minced mutton ( keema ) gets cooked while deep frying it where as the spices added before frying gives that much needed taste and authentic flavor. This is also a hit among other mutton recipes.

Click here for Kache Keema ke Kebabs recipe

10. Mutton Frankie

Frankie is one of its kind with a range of varieties, like veg Frankie, potato Frankie, paneer Frankie, mutton Frankie , chicken Frankie and so on and on, the list is endless. Mutton Frankie is the classic one and is being served from ages. Frankie is an Indian bread rolled  with mutton tossed in hot spices and flavored onions.Try out this old classic recipe to refresh your mood 

Click here for Mutton Frankie recipe

11. Mutton curry

Mutton curry is one of its kind , nothing can beat this cuisine , a simple mutton curry with spices is easy to make  and is best during those days when I want to cook something  simple non vegetarian meal. Sometimes I do add potatoes  to mutton curry as I love potatoes and can have with rice or parathas.

Click here for Mutton Curry recipe

12. Bhuna Gosht / Salli Boti

Bhuna Gosht is a non creamy , delicious , and flavorful dish , served with parantha or naans with fresh salads . Basically Bhuna gosht has a thick gravy made out of onions , tomatoes and other spices , roasted in the oil to get that perfect taste . Well the name says it all , Bhuna means roast and gosht means mutton. The more you roast the spices with onions and Mutton pieces , the better it tastes . 

Click here for Bhuna Gosht recipe

13. Khao Suey

Khao Suey/ Khau Sey is a very famous pakistani/ Burmese dish , in which mutton thick gravy is served with boiled spagethi and thick curd gravy ( kadhi ) topped with some fried and crispy condiments.

Click here for Khao Suey recipe

14. Urad Gosht

Urad Gosht is a delectable recipe where Black gram Lentils and lamb meat , both are cooked separately along with spices and then they are mixed together well , followed by baghar ( tempering ) . Urad Gosht is served preferably with rice but I like it with chapatis too. This is my husband’s favorite among all other mutton recipes.

Click here for Urad Gosht recipe

15. Masala Keema

Masala Keema ( Mutton Mince) is one of the most famous non veg dish, though keema has lots of variations like green mutor keema , green keema rice, keema biryani and there are loads of appetizers made of ( mutton mince ). Here I am sharing masala keema, this masala keema is tossed in whole and grounded spices, to taste as delicious as it looks. The vibrant red color adds a glory, and justifies it as a NON VEGETARIAN dish. 

Click here for Masala Keema recipe


HARA MUTOR KEEMA RICE/ PULAO is simply outstanding, the keema is tossed in spices and coriander chilli paste and is cooked royally with basmati rice. 

Click here for Matar Keema rice recipe

17. Green keema

Green keema is really very easy to make without much time… as I always say that most of my Recipes which I share are easy , simple but outstanding in taste.

Click here for Green Mutton Keema recipe

18. Shaami kebabs

Shaami kebabs are popular cuisine served all over India specially served as an appetizer during festive season of Eid, teamed with mint and coriander chutney. Shaami kebabs are best when made with beef , but I prefer lamb mince, its combined with spices and chick peas with egg to hold it together.

Click here Shami Kabab recipe

19. Shami Kabab Burger

Burgers are always an attraction for kids as well as for elders and youth. Every time one cannot have outside for sum or the other reason ,so if you really hungry and your hunger is for burgers like me, then you are on the right blog , here is the way how to make your burger more delicious and more tastier with mutton mince kebabs ( you can repace it with chicken pattice or veg patty )

Click here for Shaami Kabab Burger recipe

20. Keema Samosa

Keema samosa is best when made with beef , in fact during the holy month RAMADAN one will find these samosa ‘s on the street of Mohammed Ali road ,in Mumbai ( India ) and many other such places ,in fact  other dishes are also being served during this holy month. I use lamb mince, as have been having it since child hood, the wrappers in which mince mutton is stuffed are ready made , the other one is frozen patti (wrappers)  , and can be use for long time if kept in cool dry place and the last way is to make the pur ( wrappers)  at home with refined flour , but to save time now a days people use ready made wrappers . Here is the crispy keema samosa recipe , a non vegetarian dish where keema is tossed and cooked properly in spices and garnish with spring onions for that much deserved flavor.

Click here for Mutton Keema Samosa recipe

21. Keema Alu Patties

Keema Alu Patties is my granny’s recipe,which I have learnt  from her and think that I can not even match to her excellence and perfection when it comes to making keema patties. Whenever she use to make keema patties , I still remember she never use to allow any imperfections, in fact all the patties size use to be big, round in shape and of exact proportions as if she had measured each inch by inch. I dedicate this recipe to my loving grand ma ” HAWABAI’ whose unfortunately not there among us, but is still alive in our memories. Here I am sharing my grand ma’s secret recipe which is made of keema tossed in spices and stuffed in boiled, mashed  potatoes which tastes delicious and yumm.

Click here for Mutton Keema Patty

22. Bheja Fry

Bheja fry is goat brain saute in rich spices , this lamb brain is basically, scrambling the brain and then frying it, usually served with rumali roti or paratha.

Click here for Bheja fry recipe

23. Gurda kaleji masala/ Kidney liver Masala

Gurda kaleji masala/ Kidney liver Masala  is just tossed in spices on tawa as liver takes hardly few minutes to cook. Do not over cook liver as it becomes hard, so to get that softness cook liver for hardly few minutes to maintain that much needed softness, infact doctors advise their weak patients to consume kaleji tossed in ghee to improve their health.

Click here for Gurda Kaleji recipe


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