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Peanuts Chutney recipe

Peanuts Chutney recipe


PEANUT CHUTNEY is a lip smacking condiment served along with the Palak Daal or Tadka Daal Rice .


  • 100 gms peanuts 
  • 8-9 peeled cloves of garlic
  • 1 tsp kashmiri red chilly powder
  • salt to taste
  • 1 tbsp oil


  • Take roasted  peanuts , you can use roasted or plain, salted or unsalted ,for plain/raw peanuts (Singh ) , roast on tawa , stirring every now and then, until they change colour or keep in oven for 5 minutes .
  • Once done, shed the skin , separate it ( from the skin ) and keep aside .Crush peanut and garlic together in mortar pestle , not too coarse not to powdered .
  • Add salt and red chilly powder , but you have used salted peanut make sure you just add a pinch , mix well .
  • Now in a fry pan heat oil, add the peanut and fry for few seconds like 4-5 seconds continuously stirring so as to prevent it from sticking .
  • Turn of the gas and let it rest for few 5-6 minutes . Serve with dal tadka rice or palak dal rice . 


Note :


  • You can take ready peeled ones .
  • You can use salted or unsalted peanuts .
  • You can use raw peanuts which are not roasted nor peeled .
  • Increase or decrease the number of chilly powder as per your preferences .
  • If your peanuts are roasted and little salted then too you might need to add pinch of salt.
  • If you are roasting on tawa or in oven , remove from fire once they start changing colour , and taste one or 2 , if you feel that it’s still raw and yet to be done then again roast for few minutes .
  • You can even store it in air tight container after its cool down for further use.
  • For Tadka Daal ( click here ) .

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