Shami Kabab Burger recipe

Shami Kabab Burger recipe

Shami Kabab Burger

Burgers are always an attraction for kids as well as for elders and youth. Every time one cannot have outside for sum or the other reason ,so if you really hungry and your hunger is for burgers like me, then you are on the right blog , here is the way how to make your burger more delicious and more tastier with mutton mince kebabs ( you can repace it with chicken pattice or veg patty ) . I was craving for burgers but due to Ramadan ( The holy month where Muslims fast for 30 days) not able to have them outside at burger joints so thought of making some kebab burgers in my kitchen, I have used shaami kebabs because have always had chicken burger but never tried with mutton pattice , this recipe is my Innovation -burger with a fusion , hope you enjoy this recipe of mutton burger with Desi tadka.

Mutton pattice ( shaami kebabs)
( or chicken / veg  pattice )
Burger  buns 2
1 tomato
1 onion
4 tbsp mint and coriander chutney
( refer )
2 tbsp mayonnaise
2 slice of cheese
1 tsp pepper powder
2 tbsp chilli sauce
2 tbsp tomato sauce
1 tbsp green chilli sauce
salt as per taste
few lettuce leaves


1. Cook the mutton mince, blend in food processor and fry until golden brown ( refer to my shaami kebab recipe ….)



2.  Cut  the tomato and onions into round slice . Mix salt , pepper , red chilli sauce,  green chilli sauce , tomato sauce in a bowl and keep this sauce mixture aside .

3. Cut each bun into two and roast in oven or on tawa ( griddle )

4. Apply red sauce mixture on the base of bun .

5. Then place lettuce leaves.

6.  Now top it with mayonnaise.

7. Place the prepared kebab on it .

8.Then apply mint and coriander chutney ( refer to My Chutney Recipe ) on the kebab.

9. Top it up with onion and tomato slices.

10. Last but not the least place cheese slice

11. And cover the bun with the other half by applying red sauce mixture.

12. Repeat the procedure for remaining burger and serve immediately.

13. Here is your kebab burger ready ….grab it …!

NOTE : If you do not want to make it spicy than do not add green chilly sauce and add 1 tbsp tomato ketchup.
For kids do not add any chilly sauce nor pepper powder just add tomato ketch up as the base sauce. 

   SERVES: 2 Persons.



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