Pan Fried Shrimps ( Tawa Masala Prawns )

Pan Fried Shrimps ( Tawa Masala Prawns )

Pan Fried Shrimps

Pan Fried Shrimps ( Tawa Masala Prawns ) is easy lip smacking and soft with authentic flavor .

In this Pan friend shrimp recipe of mine shrimps are just marinated with few ingredients and then pan fried on high flame until the prawns are cooked.

As coming from machiwala background , we have a habit of cleaning them quickly , as I still remember before my marriage , dad or uncle’s used to send 1-2 kg prawns every alternate day for cooking them in lunch . So had to shell out quickly as we had a joint family and it was fun to do so . At times peeled ones were also been send home , as per their convenience . Coming back to Shrimps  Tawa Masala / Pan Fried Shrimps, when you have unpeeled shrimps then please mind it while peeling it or you might hurt your fingers.

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Here is my easy Pan Fried Shrimps recipe


  • Two bowl fresh shrimps /prawns ( peeled OR unpeeled )
  • 2 tbsp ginger garlic paste
  • 2 tsp red chilly powder
  • coriander leaves for garnishing
  • salt
  • oil


  • Take few big prawns , you can take peeled ones too. But i will teach you how do you peel shrimp an easy way to peel shrimp so you do not need to pay higher price for peeled shrimps.
  • Twist and pull the head of each prawns (make sure you go easy , as they too pointed and so you can hurt yourself ) 
  • Now pull the tail off , and then remove the whole shell from each prawns . ( its time consuming , so you can use peeled ones too)
  • These are 2 bowl of water one has clean prawns and in the other one need to devein it .
  • To devein it slit slightly from head to tail .
  • Just remove the dark vein and keep in another bowl . Repeat the process with all the shrimps.
  • Wash thoroughly and keep them aside .
  • In a bowl place all the cleaned and washed prawns , add salt , ginger garlic paste and red chilly powder . Marinate for half an hour .
  • In a pan heat oil , add the prawns and fry on high flames .
  • Turn off the gas once the water has dried up , as till then the prawns would be done too . Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot.


  • If the prawns are fresh, they are more tastier.
  • Make sure you have taken big prawns and not the tiny ones for this recipe.
  • Do not cook for long time as it may make prawns hard . 
  • Best if the recipe is made of big prawns or jumbo prawns .


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