Chocolate Firni Recipe / Phirni

Chocolate Firni Recipe / Phirni


Chocolate Firni

Chocolate Firni

CHOCOLATE FIRNI / Phirni is heavenly, its for those who love chocolates in any form like I do. I am crazy about it and keep trying recipes with chocolate. In fact this is my 3rd Recipe with chocolate, and I simply love all of them.

Chocolate Firni is yummy, chocolicious, delicious, palatable, lip smacking , mind blowing, mind boggling, and all the adjectives that can describe this heavenly dessert. Do you think I am going over board with the adjectives.  You don’t believe me? Then its a must try recipe. You got to eat it, to believe it. Here is my recipe of Chocolate Firni.


  • 1/2 Liter whole milk 
  • 2 and 1/2 tbsp rice
  • 2 medium plain dairy milk packs ( 34 g each )
  • 3 or 3 1/2  tbsp sugar 
  • Few almonds, pistachios blanched , peeled and sliced


1. Wash rice 2 -3 times, drain and place on absorbent paper to get dry for an hour, mean while Boil the 1/2 liter milk.
2. Once the rice has fully dried up, now grind it in food processor but not to fine , keep it coarse.
3. Now in a bowl dissolve the rice in a cup of warm milk . ( take 1 cup from the same pre boiled milk ) , mix well.
4. Add this rice mixture to the 1/2 liter milk with sugar , stir & cook on low flame until chocolate mixture gets ready, but make sure that you stir it at intervals.



5.  On the other hand, warm the chocolates in microwave  for a minute or boil water on gas , keep strainer lid on it, now open the chocolate wrappers  and place them on strainer with the wrappers itself . ( keep 3 pieces of chocolate on side to grate it , before melting it )

6. Cover it with another deep pan , or vessel so that chocolate melts.

7. Now in a small bowl take 3 – 4 tbsp of rice mixture and add this melted chocolate , mix well and pour it to the main firni mixture.

8. Mix everything well and cook until the consistency thickens and the rice is completely done, make sure to stir constantly at intervals as it may get burnt at the bottom, adjust sweetness as per your preference.

9. Once the consistency gets thicken, empty the mixture in earthen bowls and garnish with pistachios, almonds and grated chocolates.


10. Now refrigerate it for an hour and serve chill this outstanding Chocolate Firni.


  • If the rice is still wet and you run out of time then refrigerate the rice for sometime so that it dries up early.
  • In this Chocolate Firni recipe, You can replace dairy milk with  coco powder. 
  • You can take nut chocolates instead of plain ones in chocolate firni. I like adding freshly slivered almonds and pistachios so I have taken plain chocolate bars.
  • You can add condense milk too, for that take just 2 cups of milk with half a can of condensed milk( if you using condensed milk make sure you add 1 chocolate bar and then check the sweetness, if you feel its less then add half chocolate bar again and then again check the taste , because condense milk has that additional sweetness. So if you directly add both the bars , it would make it very sweet .) 
  • If you adding condense milk then do not add sugar.
  • You can add few choco chips/ chocolate pieces , to the firni before shifting it into earthen pots for better results . 
  • Do not add butter in chocolate firni. It will bitter the taste so avoid it.

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PREPARATION TIME: 30 Minutes ( plus extra time for rice to get dried up ) 

SERVES: 3 – 4 Persons.

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