Recipe of dhokhre / Besan dhokra with gravy

Dhokre is one of the most famous dish amongst  memon community , ( muslim -community ) , I have grown up seeing aunts cooking this extra ordinary gravy, do not get confused as the dokhre that is served with fish is totally different , ( one of the most famous delicacy again, which i will update on my blog very soon ) this is gram flour dhokhre with curry ,which I simply love . Dhokre ka salan ( curry ) is simply outstanding , and made of gram flour, mixed with spices and allowed to set, on the other hand gravy is made and these dhokre’s are dipped in the gravy which in turn gives an extra flavorful aromatic taste to this dish.

I still remember when I was in my teens, my aunt use to prepare this gravy  and I use to have those pieces of besan ( dhokre) which were kept to set before dipping in the gravy…. oh..! it was fun….to have that before hand , though I am having it since childhood , as i can recollect my memories….but still I feel the taste is fresh , flavourful and palatable as it use to be those days….Few classic dishes do not fade at all, and always stands out….and this is one of them….! 

As far as I know , our ancestors are from Gujrat so the idea and the name must have picked up from there, but this dish isn’t khamand dhokla , its Dhokre with curry ( besan Dhokre ka salaan) …. This is my take on the origin of this delicacy, hope you all like it…….here is the recipe….of Dhokre………! 


1 cup besan ( gram flour ) 
3/4 mug water
2 tsp ginger garlic paste 
1/4 tsp turmeric powder 
1 tsp red chilly powder 
1 tbsp coriander leaves 
1- 2 green chilies crushed in motar pestal 
1 chopped onion 
1/4 tsp cumin seeds 
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tbsp oil 
salt to taste 

1/4 tsp cumin seeds
few curry leaves 
1 chopped onions 
1-2 tsp ginger garlic paste 
2 medium sized ripe tomatoes chopped 
1/4 tsp turmeric powder 
1 tsp or 1 and half tsp coriander powder 
1 – 2 tsp red chilly powder 
2 – 3 tbsp curd    
salt to taste 


1. In a kadhai , add water , salt , ginger garlic paste, turmeric powder, red chilly powder, crushed green chillies , chopped onions , cumin seeds and coriander leaves, bring to boil .

2. Add lemon juice, mix well, now add gram flour , and stir continuously so that no lumps formed and the besan gets the essence of all the spices. 

3. Once the gram flour has absorbed the water and starts sticking to the bottom , ( for this step slow down the flame, so that it doesn’t get burnt at the base, do not forget to stir continuously  ) , immediately remove from fire, and place it uniformly on greased plate ( thali ) to let it set. Let it come at room temperature , now add dry gram flour and press it with your palms so that it gets tighten.

4. Now in a pan or khadhai, add cumin seeds and curry leaves , let it splutter.
Add chopped onions , fry until it changes colour, add ginger garlic paste and saute for a minute .

5.Add ripe peeled , chopped tomatoes, salt , turmeric powder, coriander powder and red chilly powder , cover and cook until the tomatoes formed into pulp.

6.. Now add curd and fry for 2 -3 minutes , adjust salt and spices according to your taste, and fry for few a minute.

7. Once the dhokre have set , cut into thick pieces and keep aside.

8. Add 2 – 3 cups of water, bring to a boil , now add those dhokre pieces slowly, one by one to the gravy.

9. Let it simmer on slow flame for 5 minutes, then off the gas. Serve hot with phulkas or chaapati’s.


  • Increase or decrease number of tbsp of chilly powder as per your preferences.
  • Make sure that the quality of besan you add to this dish for making dhokra’s, should be of good quality because once you add directly in the boiling water , the one that is not of good quality will form minute lumps where as the good quality one will make a smooth even paste.
  • If you feel that your gravy is less and need more gravy, so in 1 cup of water add the extras or broken dhokra’s , crush them, mix and add to the gravy , bring to a boil and then serve.
  • I have used kashmiri red chilly powder , for colour and taste.

PREPARATION TIME : 40 – 50 Minutes.
SERVES: 3- 4 Person.

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