Recipe of Turai Chilke Ke Tikke| Ridged gourd patty | turai vadi

Turai chilke ke tikke ….are made of ridge gourd peels as of course you can guess it by its name. These tikkis are made up of all whole ingredients grind in mortar ( okhli ) , okhli which were used during the age old times when there was no food processor , though I still use it every now and then because freshly crushed SPICES gives a better taste and a mesmerising aroma to the prepared curry or veggie ( sabzi ) .

The whole idea behind not grinding it into food processor is that when you have turai chilke ke tikke those bits of turai peels is quiet prominent and gives tikkis a better taste which fully grind in food processor fails, in fact when you chop it into pieces you will see turai and some of the other ingredients here and there, which gives a crunchy effect though the inner portion is soft and non oily..
Turai chilke ke tikkis are usually made, when I prepare turai with channa dal ( split bengal gram ) , and the left over peel of turai instead of discarding them, I make these Tikkis.. A very good way of utilising the peels instead of discarding it….
When I feel like having it, and turai ( ridge gourd ) is not around then I make dhania ( coriander leaves) tikkis , the Recipe is same just instead of turai, coriander is used and I bet you dhania tikkis are also mind boggling. 

Turai chilke ke tikke would be loved by those who are die heart Indian food lovers, and would love to experiment , in fact I am sure your  grand parents will really appreciate this recipe what are you waiting for pull up your socks and start making Turai ke tikkis and surprise your grand parents or loved ones …how about serving these tikkis over tea..awesome idea int it..? 


1 1/2 cup Turai ke chilke 
7 – 8 cloves of Garlic
3 – 4 green chillies ( increase or decrease the no of green chillies as per your taste ) 
2 tsp cumin seeds 
1 tsp Red chilli flakes
11/2  tbsp whole coriander seeds crushed 
salt as per taste 
11/2 cup Gram flour (besan)  



1.Discard the edges, and wash ridge gourd peels thouroughly, now grind turai into mortar ( okhli), keep aside. Grind garlic , cumin seeds and green chillies together in that same mortar ( okhli ). 

2. In a large broad bowl, mix all the above ingredients like crushed Ridge gourd , crushed garlic , cumin seeds and green chillies, salt , gram flour ( besan) , whole red chilli flakes, whole coriander seeds crushed, oil and knead it into dough by adding required water. (Adjust salt and other seasonings if required)

3. Knead it into a semi soft dough and make an oval elongated shape by using both hands , make sure to apply oil on your palms before giving it a shape.

4. In a vessel boil water , grease the lid ( strainer lid ) with oil and keep on the boiling water ( do not off the gas) now place this dough on the plate and steam it for 20 minutes so that it is cooked properly. ( keep the gas on high flame and after 15 minutes reduce to medium flame for steaming)

5. Cover it with a deep bottomed vessel/plate so that steam remains in the dough area , make sure that this plate or vessel does not touch the oval shaped dough. 

6. When the dough is cooked properly off the gas and carefully take off the turai dough and make half inch thick pieces of it.

 7.last but not the least, shallow fry it and serve hot with chutneys.


  •  You can make kothmir ke tikke in the same way just instead of turai , grind the coriander into motar ( okhli ) 
  • Do not make the dough to soft nor to stiff because that will effect the outcome of the tikkis.                                 
  • As per your taste adjust the number of green chillies ( I added 4 -5 green chillies ,but you can add as per your preferences )               
  • When you giving the tikkis an oval elongated shape it will stick to your hands , do not panic , just apply oil again on your palms and complete the process. 
  • You can preserve these for 2 -3 days , just store them in air tight container after making pieces , and freeze them, remove them from refrigerator half and hour beofre frying .

   PREPARATION TIME: 1 Hour 15 Minutes.

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