Tips and tricks Post No 1

If your gravy or soups have become too salty , in 1/2 cup of flour ( wheat flour ) add little water and knead into a dough , now make small balls and add to the gravy or soup, these flour balls will absorb the extra salt, remove those flour balls from the gravy before serving.

To maintain bright grreen colour, add a pinch of sugar while cooking any green leafy vegetables

Soak cauliflower florets in warm salted water for a while before cooking , to get rid of small insects that may be present previously inside the florets which not visible to the eye.

A bay leaf if kept in flour container, will keep the flour free from moisture.

Add  a pinch of salt while frying puris , that will absorb less oil.

Add a tsp of vinegar to boiling eggs , this will help not to spill the inner content even if it is cracked.

Never keep greens in plastic bags as this will rot them quickly.

To reduce the burining sensation which is felt after cutting green chillies , keep your fingers in bowl of cold water with little sugar.

To avoid the red colour on fingers due to peeling of pomogranate, before peeling it apply oil on both hands.

To keep lemons fresh put them in water and store  in refregrate.

To peel almonds easily , keep them in hot water for some time.

Always tastes your cooking, it will keep you accurately adjust the salt , seasoning , flavours and  time. 

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