Pakore wali kadhi / Pakoda Kadhi Chawal / kadhi

Pakore wali kadhi is one of those famous and classic dish which is being served in almost every Indian home. Though I agree , all have different ways of preparing it and trust me be it prepared in any way pakore wali kadhi is too tempting and delicious , I simply love it .
Pakore wali Kadhi is the curry which is prepared by mixing coconut milk ,gram flour and curd with some spices , tempering with some whole spices is done and then served with jeera rice and capsicum sambhadiya. Here is the recipe of capsicum sambhadiya
Infact there are times when chicken or mutton is served the whole week , Pakore wali Kadhi with Jeera rice comes to the rescue as a change in the menu and taste . Here is my recipe of pakore wali kadhi , in fact you can make without pakore too , as it depends on your preferences. So here is my take on coconut base pakore wali kadhi….!


1 cup curd
25 gm coconut milk powder
7-8 cloves of garlic 
3-4 green chillies 
2-3 tbsp gram flour
4-6 cups water
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
2 tbsp coriander leaves for garnishing 


4-5 tbsp oil 
few curry leaves 
1/4 tsp mustard seeds
1/8 tsp cumin seeds 
a pinch of  fenegreek seeds
pinch of asafoetida 

1 onion finely chopped 
3/4 cup or 1 cup gram flour
1/4 tsp red chilly powder
1/8 tsp cumin powder 
1 tbsp ginger garlic paste 
a pinch of baking soda 
1/8 tsp turmeric powder
1/4 tsp coriander powder
1/8 tsp garam masala powder 
1 tbsp coriander leaves
2 whole red chillies
salt to taste 
water as required


  • In a bowl add one cup water and empty a sachet of coconut milk powder , mix well and keep aside .
  • In a kadhai add beaten curd , coconut milk , 4-5 cups of water , turmeric powder , gram flour and salt . Mix well and make a smooth paste with the help of wired whisk . 
  • Crush garlic and green chilies together and add 3/4 of it to the mixture , preserving 1/4 portion of it for pakoda batter.
  • Keep this kadhai on gas , bring to a boil , keep on low flame and let it cook for 15 -20 minutes .( if in between you feel that kadhi is thick and is yet to be cooked yet , then add 1 -2 cups of water and cook on slow flame ) 
  • Side by side prepare pakore ( onion fritters) , in a large bowl add sliced onion , gram flour , salt, turmeric powder , cumin powder , coriander powder , garam masala powder , red chilly powder , ginger garlic paste , baking soda , coriander powder , green chilly and garlic crushed ( which preserved for pakodre ) , mix everything well by adding little water . Make sure the batter is not too thick nor too watery as the pakore should be soft and delicious.
  • Heat oil in fry pan or kadhai , one by one drop the batter mixture like about 1-2 tbsp , deep fry them on medium flame from both the sides until golden in colour . Drain on an absorbent paper and add few to the kadhi.  ( you can add all the pakore , as it totally depends on you )
  • Once kadhi is thick off the gas and do the tempering.
  • In a pan , heat oil , add curry leaves , fenegreek seeds , mustard seeds , cumin seeds, whole red chilies and asafoetida . Let it splutter , and add it to the kadhi .
  • Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with zeera rice and capsicum sambhadiya.


  • Increase or decrease the amount of green chillies as per your preferences.
  • You can add all the pakore to the prepared kadhi or add half of them , it depends on you.
  • You can add coconut milk directly instead of using coconut milk powder.
  • If you do not have coconut milk or coconut milk powder , take one whole coconut and crush it , now squeeze it , the liquid you get keep it aside, now add 1/2 or 1 cup of water to the crushed coconut , mix well and squeeze again , the desired liquid is milk and is ready for use . ( at times I prepare home made coconut milk , if coconut milk ready packs are not available ) 


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