How to make Zafrani Chicken

Zafrani chicken has a palatable, mesmerizing taste, its just tossed with 3-4 ingredients and fried in good amount of ghee which gives it an awesome flavor. 

Zafrani chicken is so juicy and has a moist texture inside, its easy to make as usual like my other recipes, and can be served as an appetizer with fresh salad ( spicy sweet and sour salad). I have been making it since past 13 – 14 years now, but still whenever I make zafrani chicken, I simply go crazy all over again due to its soothing aroma and unrivalled flavor, an apt appetizer……


1 chicken leg piece
1/2 Lemon 
2-3 green chillies
Few strand of saffron ( kesar) 
Ghee ( clarified butter) 



1. Clean and wash the chicken, and make small slits all over the chicken.

2. Add zafran, salt and lime juice to the chciken leg piece, and mix well.

3. Now crush the green chillies and add to the chicken and mix well so that it reaches deep inside the meat to get better taste, keep over night for marination in refrigerator.

4. Heat ghee in a non stick pan, and place the chicken, cook and cover for sometime.

5. Now flip the chicken upside down and cook the other side as well. ( keep flipping the chicken upside down at frequent intervals so that it gets completely cooked) and if there is any left over marinated lime, chilli and zafran juice, pour over the chicken at intervals.

6. Serve hot with spicy sweet and sour salad from zulekha’s kitchen.


  • Best if you pour the remaining ghee on the chicken.
  • The amount of ghee depends on you for frying but remember that this zafrani chicken leg piece tastes delicious when fried in good amount of ghee like for 1 leg piece 1/4 cup of ghee but if you are on diet then add how much ever ghee you want.

PREPARATION TIME: 3O Minutes ( extra time for marination) 
SERVES: 1 Person.

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