Gajar Suji Halwa fusion recipe

Gajar Suji Halwa fusion recipe

Gajar Suji Halwa

Gajar suji halwa is such an amazing dessert something that I have experimented with and can proudly name it as my recipe. Gajar suji duet though name given by me has a layered halwa. Where I have assembled two halwas and given barfi shape. Its layered with zaffrani suji ka halwa initially at the base as the first layer and then the other layer of gajar ka halwa that is the second one and then again suji layered, and  topped with sliced almonds and pistachios.

Gajar Suji halwa

As my husband has a sweet tooth and after every meal he wants something sweet to have be it chocolate, gajar ka halwa, suji ka halwa or  kheer,  so just thought to surprise him with something very delicious and  tasty, as my experiment turned out to be one of the best dessert, in fact he loved it, according to him I have created something Extra ordinary and Ideally its an epic for people who have sweet tooth like him…
Here I am sharing my delicious Gajar suji halwa recipe. I hope you like it…

Gajar Suji halwa


  • 1 cup suji ( semolina flour)
  • 1/6 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup ghee ( clarified butter)
  • 3 cups of water/ milk
  • pinch of cardamom powder
  • 1-2 tbsp sliced almonds
  • pinch of zaffran ( Saffron )


1. Soak zaffran in 1/4 cup water.

2. On the other hand boil the water with sugar and cardamom powder on medium flame.

3. Heat ghee ( clarified butter) in a pan on medium flame , add suji and roast till its golden brown in colour ( keep stirring ) , as the soji will start changing its colour, you will get a mesmerizing aroma.

4. Add the sugar and cardamom syrup slowly, it will splutter, so do not panic just add half water as the soji will start absorbing it, then add the rest water after few seconds with  the zaffran.(with the water in which it was soaked)

5. Stir, cover and cook for  3 -5 minutes on low flame as the suji absorbs the water.

6. Here is your zaffrani Gajar suji halwa ready with nerve soothing aroma.


  • Adjust the sugar as per your taste.
  • For plain suji halwa , do not add zaffran to the suji rest the procedure is same.
  • Serve halwa hot or refregerated, depends upon your choice how you like it.


Zaffrani Suji halwa|suji halwa ( proportion given above) 
gajar ka halwa made of 500 gms carrots refer , My recipe here

1 -2 tbsp almond and pistachios 
1 tbsp ghee 

1. Once the gajar and zaffrani suji halwa is ready , take a square medium mould and grease the base and sides with ghee properly.

2. Now spread half of suji halwa evenly in the mould, then spread gajar ka halwa with a spoon or spetula properly. ( press it lightly with the help of the spoon so that gajar ka halwa gets formed ) 

3. Lastly spread the remaining suji ka halwa ensuring that there are no lumps formed in between the halwa , spread it giving it a flat surface, sprinkle almonds and pistachios.

4. Now refregerate it for 30 – 40 minutes and then cut the Gajarsuji duet into pieces very slowly and carefully, make sure your knife reaches out till the base of very 1st zaffrani suji halwa layer. 

Gajar Suji halwa

For preparing gajar suji halwa duet make sure that you make  suji halwa at the same time. If you use previously made suji halwa then gajar suji halwa duet will not come out properly. Infact the layering will have lumps as suji halwa after resting for few hours it gets thicken and forms its own unusual shapes.

For assembling the both halwa make sure suji halwa is hot and freshly made then only it will a good finish layers.

PREPARATION TIME: 15 Minutes( just for assembling + 1/2 an hour to set) 

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