Chicken Sandwich recipe

CHEESY CHICKEN SANDWICHES are full of flavors and cheesy from inside. Its an apt appetizer for those who are chicken and cheese lovers . This recipe is created by me , as sometimes I do experiment and they turn out successful. As my hubby loves chicken , so I have to keep experimenting new dishes and appetizers for him , as he loves varieties. In fact when he had it , he loved the whole idea of chicken sandwiches and that cheese oozing out was just an icing on the cake .

CHEESY CHICKEN SANDWICH is a scrumptious , delectable deep fried starters , which is easy to make and tasty too. Here in this recipe I have chopped chicken into thin ,  long, broad strips , placed a broad , long , thin strip of cheese in between and closed with the approximately more or less same sized chicken piece , coated in seasoned flour , dipped in egg and then bread crumbs , and deep fried on slow to medium flame until golden and crisp .
Her is my recipe , which I named CHEESY CHICKEN SANDWICHES as they are , just try it out , you will definetely love this easy recipe , apt for kids too. You can even serve your guests as they will be in love with these cheesy , lip smacking and yummy chicken starter. 


250 gms boneless chicken 
1/4 tsp onion powder
1 -2 tsp garlic powder 
1 tsp mixed herbs 
1 tsp red chilly powder or paprika powder 
1 egg
1 small Britannia cheese block  
1 tbsp hot sauce ( optional ) 
2 cups butter milk 
2 cups bread crumbs

Flour Mixture : 
1 and half cup all purpose flour 
2 tsp garlic powder 
1/2 tsp onion powder 
1 tsp mixed herbs
1-2 tsp paprika powder / red chilly powder 


  1. Wash , clean and chop boneless chicken into long, broad, thin rectangular shape . ( do not panic if the chicken pieces are not exact in length and broadness  , it should be more or less equal size ) Marinate these chicken pieces in butter milk , preferably over night .
  2. Drain , wash and pat dry the chicken pieces ,  marinate with salt , mixed herbs , onion powder, garlic powder and red chilly powder/ paprika powder for 2 hours. 
  3. Heat oil in a deep frying pan, now by the time oil is getting hot , in a large bowl add flour , onion powder , garlic powder, mixed herbs , salt  and paprika powder , mix and keep aside .
  4. Slice the freeze cheese block approximately into chicken size , make sure you keep it little smaller in length and in broadness too as compared to chicken pieces . ( slice of the cheese should also be long and thin )
  5. In another bowl whisk egg by adding hot sauce and salt .
  6. In another large bowl , add bread crumbs and keep all these ready and handy too.
  7. Now when the oil pan is hot, slow down the flame, take one piece of spiced chicken keep cheese slice in between now place another chicken piece ( approximately more or less same length ) .
  8. Carefully place the chicken sandwich in flour mix and coat evenly , then gently dip in egg mixture and lastly coat evenly in bread crumbs.
  9. Slowly place these each chicken sandwich in the hot oil , one by one and fry on low to medium heat until crisp and golden. ( make sure you fry in batches and not add too many of them ) 
  10. Serve hot with red chilly chutney or any other sauce or dip you like. 


  • Do not panic if your chicken length and broadness aren’t  equal in size , if either piece  is small or long , that is ok as boneless chicken do not come of exact sizes. 
  • Take the boneless chicken and chop the whole 250 gms into a rectangular shape , in this case you will not be able to use those extra side cut outs , preserve that for any other dish , and then make long , thin , broad rectangular pieces out of that thick one piece boneless chicken.

SERVES : 2 Persons.

PREPARATION TIME: 20 -25 Minutes.




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