Strawberry Mojito Non Alcoholic Mocktail Recipe

Strawberry Mojito Non Alcoholic Mocktail Recipe

Strawberry Mojito Recipe

Strawbery mojito is a refreshing drink, specially to be served during summers. During scorching heat you can impress your guests by preparing this Strawberry Mocktail at home. This is an excellent summer drink and one of the best refreshing one.

Strawberry Mojito

Well, in Mojito alcohol is added with mint leaves, sugar syrup and lemon juice, it is a known and famous as a Cocktail drink. Where as in Strawberry Mojito instead of alcohol 7up or sprite or club soda or mountain dew is added, it is a non alcholic drink known ad Mocktail drink. Strawberry mojito can be serve during any season at lunch or dinner.

Strawberry Mojito
Strawberry Mojito

Here is the recipe of Strawberry mojito.

Strawberry Mojito
Strawberry Mojito



  • Fresh Strawberries 10-12
  • 2-3 Tbsp Mint leaves
  • 2 lemons ( juice )
  • 4-5 tbsp sugar syrup

How to make Strawberry Mojito

  1. In a motar add strawberries and crush it with pastel.
  2. Add lemon juice, sugar syrup and mint leaves in crushed strawberries and mash them all together.
  3. Pour this strawberry mixture in a small bowl.
  4. Now add half of the prepared strawberry mint mixture which we made, in a tall glass and add sprite or plain soda with lots of ice cubes or crushed ice.
  5. Mix it well and add some strawberry pieces, fresh mint leaves with some lemon pieces.
  6. Garnish with a slice or lemon and mint leaf. Serve chill.


  • If you do not want to add lemon pieces, do not add them.
  • If you feel the need to add more lemon and sugar mixture then drizzle some prepared strawberry mixture to the glass for that perfect balanced taste.
  • I love mojito with 7 up or sprite but you can use club soda too.
  • If you are adding club soda then you need to add more of lemon and sugar mixture as plain soda is too blank so to adjust and give that perfect flavour to your mojito you need to add more of lime juice and sugar syrup.
  • If you do not have simple syrup ( sugar syrup) nor have time to prepare it then you can add plain sugar ( granules) at the time when adding lemon juice to the crushed strawberries.
Strawberry Mojito

PREPARATION TIME: 10 -15 Minutes.

SERVES: 2 serves

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