Mango with Cream

Mango with Cream

Mango Cream

Mango Cream is an easy and quick recipe served as dessert . This recipe is the best to beat the heat in summers . Here is the recipe of a refreshing and eye pleasing dessert . 

2 Mangoes 
2 -3 tbsp sugar 
1/2 cup heavy cream ( tropolite cream )
1 cup mangoes chopped into pieces 


  1. Peel the mangoes and remove the mangoes from the pit .
  2. Place the mangoes and sugar in a food processor and puree it until smooth . ( taste it and if you feel like adding more sugar , then add and blend well )
  3. Beat the cream with the help of hand blender until light and fluffy . ( I have used tropolite heavy cream , in that sugar is already added , but if you are using any other brand which doesn’t have sugar , then add 2 tbsp or more icing sugar to the cream as per your requirement and then blend until light and fluffy )
  4. Now in a tall glass , add 2 tbsp mango puree and then add 1- 2 tbsp cream , sprinkle some mango pieces on it .
  5. Again add mango puree and then cream and sprinkle some mango pieces , repeat one more time the same procedure . 
  6. Chill for 2 hours and serve .

You can add some chopped almonds and pistachios too .
You can add powdered sugar too .

TOTAL TIME : 15 -20 Minutes .
SERVES : 2 Persons .

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