Chicken potli recipe

Chicken potlis are purely made of chicken tossed in sauces , stuffed in maida dough  and then deep fried into a crispy and crunchy potlis.The potlis are made of all purpose flour dough and has been given a potli shape to enhance the look of the Recipe….Its an eye pleasing…appetizer…isint it …?

I wanted to make something interesting which should be crunchy, crispy but purely of chicken…adding potatoes to it was a big ‘NO’ as when I make Russian cutlet, noodles cutlets, chicken and potatoes kebabs, they all are binded with potatoes ….so if I add potatoes what different am I cooking then.?…..these were my initial thoughts, so tried to experiment something which is delicious, crunchy , crispy and tastier….Chicken Potlis…Infact I even tried its one variation and named it potato chic in this variaiton I have mashed potatoes seasoned, and then stuffed in potlis with chicken topped on it…yeah Potato Chic potli is the best apetizerfor those who appreciates and loves potatoes.  

Though when I started sauteing chicken, I was too nervous, though at the same time was confident too, I knew I will make something that tastes simply…..AMAZING……If you in doubts try my RECIPE OF CHICKEN POTLIS and you’ll get an answer….that yeahhh chicken potlis are amazing….!


250 gms boneless chicken 

2 tbsp chilly sauce 
1 tbsp tomato sauce 
2 tbsp soya sauce 
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp oregano 
1/2 tsp oriental seasonal salt
11/2  tbsp fish sauce ( optional ) 
1/2 tsp pepper powder 
salt as per taste
2  tbsp olive oil 
5 – 6 bulbs of spring onion
2 -3 cloves of garlic chopped
2- 3  greens of spring onion chopped 
Few full stem(greens) of spring onions 

For Potlis
1 1/2 cups all purpose flour ( maida) 
2 tbsp oil 


1. Clean and wash chicken , chop it into small pieces.  

2. In a pan heat oil, add spring onions bulbs with garlic and fry until soft, now add chicken, salt , pepper, soya sauce, chilli sauce, fish sauce, oregano, oriental seasonal salt, garlic powder and cook until chicken is completely done, adjust the seasonings and sauces if required as per your taste, sprinkle chopped spring onions ( greens ) and keep aside.

spring onion bulbs and chopped garlic

                            Add chicken and salt


garlic powder


                              fish sauce

                             chilly sauce and tomato sauce 

                    Oriental seasoning salt


3. Knead the dough (semi soft dough) for potli by adding required water with maida and salt, add oil and knead well. Keep aside , let it rest for 15 minutes.( you can cover it with damp mul mul cloth ) 


4.Once again knead the dough , now divide the dough into equal portions and make small balls , roll it into medium sized thin round chapatis.


5. Now in the center of rolled round chapatti,  place prepared chicken fillings.

6. Collect the edges of chapatti by using your hands and try to give small folds at the edges .

7. Starting to fold from one edge, keep giving folds to the chapattis untill you have reached from where you have started, once the fold is complete twist it, and flatten the fold portion that is on top with your palm.



8. Deep fry these chicken filled potlis few at a time , on low flame, wrap single stem (green)  of spring onions around the potlis and tie a knot, serve hot.


  • You can replace chicken with paneer (cottage cheese ) , for that just saute all the sauces with spring onion bulbs and then add paneer chopped into small pieces , mix everything well , let it simmer on low flame for 2 – 3 minutes. Off the gas , let it cool and then stuff into potlis.
  • If you do not have oriental salt, garlic powder , fish sauce , you can saute it purely in Chinese sauces as well and then make the potlis.
  • If you adding fish sauce , do not add salt , first prepare the chicken , taste and then if you feel that its less then add it .


Another variation is mashed potatoes tossed with few ingredients topped with chicken fillings and stuffed in potlis.

2 Mediim sized Boiled potatoes 
2 tbsp cheese 
1 – 2  tbsp mayonnaise 
1/2 tsp red chilly flakes
1/2 tsp oriental seasoning salt  


1. Boil and mash the potatoes , mix all the ingredients, keep aside .



2. The procedure is same just before placing prepared chicken in the center, make the filling like – 1st chapati then mashed potatoes topped with chicken mixture and then transform it into a potli as the procedure mentioned above. 


  • Do not fry the potlis all together, fry in batches on low flame.
  • Adjust chilly sauce as per your taste and preferences ( reduce or increase the number of tablespoon) 
  • Do not boil the potatoes to that extent that it gets soggy.

You can make the potlis only of potato mixture , for that do not add chicken portion on it.

  • You can make potato mixture and add prepared paneer portion on it, if you are a vegetarian.
  • You can make the potato mixture , during that time add shredded pre- boiled chicken , and then stuff in the potlis.


PREPARATION TIME: 40 – 45 Minutes.
SERVES: 2 Serves.

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