How to make Hari Moong Daal Vada ( Pakode )

How to make Hari Moong Daal Vada ( Pakode )
Moong Daal Vada

Moong Dal Vada ( Pakode )

Moong Dal Vada ( Pakode ) Split Green gram are blend  into a coarse  paste and mixed with just few ingredients which makes moong dal vada | bhajiyas ( fritters ) so delicious and tasty.

Here is my recipe of crispy hari moong dal vada pakodra/ bhajiya


  • 1 Cup hari moong daal ( split green gram )
  • 4 -5 green chilies
  • 7 -8 cloves of garlic
  • 1 small onion chopped
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds
  • Salt


  1. Wash split green gram (hari moong daal)  with water 2 – 3 times , and soak it in water for 2 – 3 hours.

2.Drain the  green gram , transfer into food processor with cumin seeds , garlic and green chillies and grind coarsely without adding water.( make sure you grind it coarsely ,  where you will feel that it’s just broken into pieces and some are mashed , and not too finely grinded , for that just grind for just a second, then check the moong dal, if its yet need to grind then do it , this is very important to check because if you grind it into paste kind, you won’t get that crunchy moong wadas , for best results grind into small batches )

3.Now add chopped onions and salt as per taste.

4. Heat oil in kadhai or deep pan and drop the fritters (wada| bhajiyas )  mixture by using your hand.

5. Cook on low flame until they turn golden brown and crisp.

6. Serve hot moong dal vada with chutney’s of your choice such as schezwan chutney, mint and coriander chutney


  • Increase the no of green chilies as per your preferences.
  • You can either blend cumin seeds, green chilies and garlic separately or together in the same jar while blending the lentils ( hari moong daal )
  • Make sure you grind the lentils ( moong daal ) just for few seconds, as the daal should not be like a paste and has to be coarse.

SERVES:  3 – 4 Persons

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